He Thought He Found A Bird’s Egg, But Nothing Could Prepare Him For This Creepiness

Nature can be a cruel beast. It’s a fact that, if you’ve watched any wildlife documentary, is pretty plain to see. Sometimes, though, nature can take a turn for the weird more than the cruel, and the result often leaves you scratching your head. That’s what happened to Redditor manhands30 when he was outside working in his yard this week.

manhands30 was cleaning up his yard in preparation for winter, when he found what looked an awful lot like a bird’s egg on the ground. Except that there appeared to be two feet sticking out from the bottom of the egg.

He carefully turned the egg over to figure out what was going on…but it only got weirder.

The egg was cracked and the inside was empty except for the stalks of the two legs.

(source Reddit)

So what the heck is going on here? Most people believe that it has to be some sort of broken toy, but manhands30 is adamant that it is real. The conclusion? We may never know. One thing is for sure, though…nature is weird.