He Parked His Car Along Lake Erie. When He Came Back, This Is What He Found…

If you think it’s cold where you are, you have no idea.

That is, unless you live near Buffalo, NY.

When Justin Yelen went into a restaurant to watch some sports and hang out with friends, he wasn’t expecting to find his car, which was parked along the shores of Lake Erie, looking like this when he went back to drive home.

Frozen car at Lake Erie

If you think it’s cold where you are, check this car out: It’s completely frozen in less than 24 hours after being parked by Lake Erie in upstate New York.

Posted by USA TODAY on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Initially, he had planned on using a power washer to free the icy vehicle, but eventually got some help from the professionals.

A little salt and some elbow grease eventually freed the Mitsubishi Lancer.

This is what the ice shells left behind looked like.

I have a feeling Yelen won’t be parking along the water in the winter anytime soon.