Christmas Cards Are Cool And All, But What This Family Did Is So Much Better

It seems like everyone these days takes holiday photos. If you ask me, seeing my loved ones posing awkwardly in Christmas sweaters alongside cheesy messages of good tidings is way better than getting the cheesy message without the potential blackmail.

But this family wasn’t content with taking a photo. We have access to all of these awesome new ways of sharing a little love, so why not use them? YouTube can be a glorious tool, after all. It looks like they’re posing at first, but watch what happens when the music starts.

Here we have a little holiday cheer courtesy of one seriously festive family (and the Biebs, of course).

But if you’re not into Bieber, they did another version back in 2012 that’s set to the epic Christmas stylings of Queen Mariah Carey.

(via Metro)

They combined tacky sweaters and sick choreo. That’s an incredible feat, so it’s pretty clear that this family just won Christmas. We can’t all savor the sweet taste of holiday victory, friends.