Bar Puts Boyfriend On Blast After He Asked Them To Spy On His Girlfriend

A UK night club in Newcastle called Filthy’s put a boyfriend on blast when they screenshot his private message to them and posted it on their Facebook page.

“Hi my girlfriend is headed in with a Hens party this weekend,” he wrote. “I was wondering if I would be able to pay a staff member to keep an eye on her and make sure there’s no men at their table, etc. I don’t want the staff member to let the group know they’re watching though!”

Yeah, of course you don’t, because what you’re asking them to do is creepy as hell!

If you’re not familiar with the lingo, a hen party is like a bachelorette party, but with a more farm-themed name. A lot of the people got a kick out of Filthy’s public response to the dude, which reads, “For anybody else considering offering us cash to casually stalk their partners.. we are a bar, not private investigators / professional perverts.We can however add some finishing touches to the reserved area such as personalised name cards & bubbly on arrival!”

Some people even said it reminded them of their own boyfriends. Red alert! If your lover would do this to you, they need to get on the train to Splitsville immediately. If they don’t trust you enough to drink out of a penis shaped straw in a group of ten women, they don’t trust you enough for love. At least a few people seemed genuinely concerned instead of amused:

But this story will definitely make me even more suspicious of any dudes lingering around a bachelorette table at bar from this point forward. Who’s paying you, buddy?!