An Automotive Technician Heard A Strange Sound In This Car’s Engine And Discovered A Stowaway

A technician at Gary Yeoman’s Ford Lincoln noticed that a car getting serviced was making a weird noise.

The automotive shop in Florida knew that the recent cold weather could have convinced a cold animal to crawl up into the engine compartment for warmth, so they carefully looked inside…

It’s miraculous this little critter didn’t get hurt in his hiding place!

Kitty Really Has Nine Lives!

Hooray for our service techs! One of our service customers drove in today to have their car taken care of and our technician discovered a cat hidden up by the engine. Turns out the cat happens to be the service customer neighbors cat and thankfully the cat was removed without harm. Lucky Kitty!! #animals #Pets #ford #fordsocial

Posted by Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln on Friday, January 22, 2016

That giant cat almost used one of his nine lives! Luckily, the cat’s owner was the neighbor of the customer whose car was in the shop. So, this big kitty was reunited with his family soon after his adventure.