After The Next Big Snowstorm, You Should Try Building Snow Sculptures Like These

If you ask most people, snow is the bane of human existence. It ruins the roads, it causes car accidents, and it leads to some pretty serious slip-and-fall accidents. If snow piles up too much, it can even trap people in their homes!

But you have to admit that snow sometimes inspires people to create incredible things.

1. These Easter Island dudes are happy!

2. Batman fighting a shark? How nice.

3. If your car is going to be covered in snow, it might as well look cool.

4. Fire and ice. Classic!

5. That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

6. Spongebob is going to shiver.

7. Get off of my porch!

8. I don’t want your bills, mailman.

9. A snowy dragon. Eat your heart out, Shrek!

10. A much smaller version of the Eiffel Tower.

11. This is enormous!

12. Look at that attention to detail.

13. Play it, baby!

14. This thing could swallow you whole without a problem.

15. I have a feeling that the kids didn’t make this.

16. Just in time for the new film!

17. Hang ten, dudes!

18. Get this little girl off of planet Hoth.

19. That takes dedication.

20. Artsy, am I right?

21. That looks painful.

(via Wimp)

If you’re lucky, you’ll come across one of these in our neighborhood. And if you’re feeling inspired, make one for yourself!