A Dead Cockroach Was Left In The Stairwell At School And Students Had The Best Response

A cockroach is not a welcome sight to most humans. Finding one in your house or your office is rarely a pleasant experience. They may have fascinating features and capabilities for a bug, but to us? Uuuuggggghhhh, icky.

When the students at Texas A&M saw a dead roach in their anthropology building’s stairwell, they had an unusual reaction. The late cockroach was lying there for two weeks…so some students decided to do something awesome to honor the li’l guy.

The dead roach was first honored on December 3 in Texas A&M’s anthropology building’s stairwell.

On December 4, “Rosie” (as the roach would come to be known) was built a memorial fit for a little cockroach queen.

Later in the day on December 4, even more flowers and words of love were left at her grave.

…The pile kept growing.

The next morning, someone made Rosie a coffin.

Later in the day on December 5, someone built a funeral pyre.

On December 8, the memorial was still growing. The Post-it on the wall says “You were always there to greet me in the morning, Rosie. You will be missed.”

December 16 (more than a week later) and the shrine is still there.

Rosie’s shrine just kept growing! Some students even decided to write poetry in her honor.

On December 17, the students that (apparently) adored Rosie cremated her, letting her little roach soul rest in peace.

(via reddit / jimmyevil)

May Rosie rest in peace. Hopefully she’s in a better place, the big roach hotel in the sky. (Only, you know, without the poison of roach hotels.) RIP Rosie!