24 Everyday Heroes That Will Make You Look Like The Clumsiest Person Ever

Being a well-coordinated person is not a gift that all of us are born with. A lot of people trip over their own feet because they are just so clumsy. Sadly, we can’t all be graceful people.

These people, on the other hand? Well, they have the coordination of a god. From small and mesmerizing to big and seriously impressive, watch in awe — you won’t believe these people are real at all.

1. He makes it look so easy.

2. So satisfying.

3. Whoa, this had to take a ton of practice.

4. I can’t even go two feet on a skateboard.

5. Ever seen a frisbee throw like this?

6. Can’t use his legs and has more coordination than most of us.

7. How do you even learn to do that?

8. Saving a fumble for his team.

9. Don’t try this at home, kids.

10. Just…just watch the whole thing.

11. Relationships do require coordination.

12. Work it, girl!

13. Pool party awesomeness.

14. I mean, I can juggle two balls. Same thing, right?

15. I wonder how many accidents happened while practicing this.

16. Lucky that landed where it did.

17. This looks like a ton of fun.

18. Talk about body control and strength.

19. Two at once?!

20. It’s a human wheel!

21. I would collapse too after that performance!

22. Better not drop her or you’re in the dog house, buddy.

23. Who has time to learn how to do this?

24. Just don’t make her mad…

Goodness. I wish I were coordinated like that, but I can’t imagine the time, practice, and patience it takes to get there. Holy smokes!