21 Pictures Of Spiders Being Bros…Creepy, Crawly, Terrifying Bros

When you think about it, spiders aren’t really all that bad. Compared to us humans, they’re almost insignificantly tiny, which means they’re more terrified of us than we are of them. Usually when we’re ascribing malicious intent and/or personalities to spiders, that’s just our own fears talking.

Most spiders are, as a matter of fact, bros. By bros I mean, harmless visitors who, far from wanting to hurt you, actually want to make your life better by eating pests that invade your home like flies or ants. You’ve probably never met any of these bros before, though. So please allow me introduce you to a few, and maybe they’ll help change your mind about their kind?

1. Spider bros love dressing up for a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

2. This green beauty has been protecting this Redditor’s window all year long.

3. This spider bro came out to greet the new neighbors.

4. Home security system? No thank you, I’ve got a spider bro on the lookout.

5. Sometimes, spider bros fight. It doesn’t always end well.

6. He might look scary, but this wolf spider has your back in the basement while you do laundry.

7. This spider bro helps keep the mosquitos away from you by eating them. Yum.

8. This tiny guy really believes in proper penmanship.

9. When you can’t decide what game to play, spider bros always lend a helping arm.

10. Have problems with toilet paper theft? Not anymore.

11. This bro even appreciates fine human art.

12. He works with the neighborhood watch — at night, of course.

13. Keeping your living room free from pests.

14. Bugs in your lampshades? Now there’s just one.

15. You’ll never have to worry about coffee thieves thanks to this thoughtful guy — mornings are hard enough.

16. He’s just trying to keep other bugs out of your drink.

17. Looking good in those colors, bro!

18. This bro is just checking himself out in the mirror.

19. Spider bros love chillin’ with house cats.

20. Such an expressive bro face.

21. Bros come in all shapes and sizes.

(via: Reddit)

The best bros in the world are spider bros. If you can get over your initial fear of them, spiders can actually turn into lifelong friends.