21 Festive Pinterest Fails That’ll Make Your Christmas Decor Look Epic

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…but not for these people. No, their attempts at festive holiday Pinterest crafts failed so horribly, their decorations seem more appropriate for Halloween. At least the cookies and treats would still be edible?

1. Sooo, it ended up being a Halloween candle?

2. Rudolph usually doesn’t look so terrified, right???

3. What an adorable almost-peppermint-bowl!

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4. It’s okay, no one owns perfectly rounded cotton balls, anyway.


6. You created a monster.

7. Instead of adorable Santas, they made evil minions.

8. It’d be cute…if it were in a tree shape.

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9. “…eh, I’ll eat them anyway.”

10. …just tell everyone your kid made this one.

11. I would blame the evil Elf on the Shelf. It’s his doing.

12. Oh, look! Terrifying snow people!

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13. For this, the key would be not letting your kids decorate their adorable imprints.

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14. Oh. Yum. Bloody cupcakes.

15. Even though it’s a failure, this still looks pretty awesome.

16. At least that chevron mug is still pretty.

17. I’m convinced that this Pinterest how-to never actually works.

18. If you’re not a pastry chef, don’t try icing your cookies this way. End of story.

19. I have a feeling they didn’t even try.

20. This might actually be a Christmas Pinterest WIN.

21. “Be adorably festive? NAH.”

Next time, just run to a department store and pick up the decorations there. The wreath and ornaments may be store-bought, but at least they look good.