18 Kitchen Cheat Sheets You Absolutely Need In Your Kitchen ASAP

We’d all be lying a little if we said we didn’t need a bit of help in the kitchen every once in a while. And I’m not talking about an extra pair of hands — though, that wouldn’t hurt either! No, I’m referring to a cheat sheet that has everything you need to know. Sure, Google is just a click away, but when you’re elbow-deep in a turkey or covered in flour, busting out your phone seems a bit far-fetched.

Instead, print these quick guides out and surprise your guests with how adeptly you can convert ounces into quarts.

1. Here’s how to cook just about every veggie out there.

2. You should always know a few healthier food substitutions.

3. …Like zucchini fries.

4. Odds are, you’ve been using your knives all wrong.

5. Don’t let your precious carbs or cheeses go bad.

6. Slow cooking isn’t as cut and dry as it seems — unless you have this.

7. Cook a healthy dinner in just minutes!

8. Here’s how to make your eggs incredible every time.

9. Make your own spice blends instead of buying oversalted (and overpriced) versions.

10. For foolproof wine pairing:

11. Run out of something? Substitute this for that.

12. Never worry about Googling “how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon” again!

13. Basic ingredient conversions are also key.

14. Marinate your chicken with just three ingredients.

Find other marinades here.

15. Three-ingredient recipes are also a thing.

<a href="http://www.viralnova.com/3-ingredient-recipes/" target="_blank">Three-ingredient recipes</a> are also a thing.


16. Spice it up right every time.

17. I’ll eat ’em no matter what, but here’s every kind of cookie you could want:

18. And finally, we bring you the Rolls-Royce of kitchen cheat sheets:

(via BuzzFeed, SodaPic)

Stop tripping over yourself in the kitchen and get cooking like a pro — these cheat sheets are here to help!