11 Habits Of Incredibly Clean And Organized People

One of the only reasons I keep my apartment clean is because I have a dog.

It seems counterintuitive because they tend to track in dirt and shed, but mine has an even worse habit — destroying anything she can get her teeth on. So I’m forced to tidy up every time I leave the premises.

For those of you who don’t have separation anxiety-ridden pets to keep you cleanly, here are some habits that incredibly organized people always employ. With just a few lifestyle tweaks, your friends will be complimenting you on your spotless home in no time!

1. They make their bed.

They make their bed.

Flickr / Serene Vannoy; Flickr / Don Nunn

Not only does this change the look and feel of your entire bedroom, doing this in the morning jumpstarts your day and motivates you to begin with a clean slate!

2. They empty the dishwasher.

This way, dirty dishes can go right in, instead of piling up in the sink.

3. They don’t procrastinate.

You spilled, someone tracked mud in…whatever it is, don’t put off cleaning it up. Things cake on to surfaces and make it even harder to remedy later.

4. They take their shoes off inside.

Your shoes track in innumerable contaminants from the street. Enforce a no-shoes rule in your home and you’ll cut back on the dirt factor big time.

5. They clean as they cook.

Things can get crazed in the kitchen when you’re cooking, but one of the best ways to take the heat down a notch is to clean your dishes as you go. Put something in the oven? While you wait, clean the mess you’ve made so far.

6. They air things out.

Take a few minutes every day to leave your doors open. It’ll work wonders on getting smells out that you may have gone nose-blind to over time.

7. They clean before bed.

After bedtime stories but before you hit the sack, do a once-over of your home. Pick up toys, tidy up the shoes, etc. You’ll wake up feeling much better about the day.

8. They have a set laundry day.

I fall victim to this every time — have a hard-and-fast laundry day that you stick to each week. This way, your room won’t look like this and you’ll never have to resort to those terrible granny panties.

9. They have a filing system.

You don’t have to be a hoarder to feel overwhelmed by mail, bills, and receipts. Come up with a simple filing system, go through your mail each day, and throw things away if you don’t need them.

10. They utilize baskets.

Cute baskets that can be stashed away under tables or in corners are your friend. They serve as a catch-all for keeping things like toys off floors.

11. They clean the fridge out — weekly!

It might seem like overkill, but when that awful stench fills your kitchen and you can’t find the source, you’ll wish you’d cleaned the fridge sooner. Get rid of expired items, molding fruits and veggies, and wipe up spills.

(via Wrapped in Rust)

After just a few days of incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you’ll notice a huge difference in your home…and so will your guests!